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All About The Purple Store!


How It Started

When people ask "Where'd you get that?" our founder, ever-so-funny, usually answers "At the doorknob store" or "necklace store" or "mozzarella cheese store." Asked about something cool and purple one day, his quick answer was, of course, "the purple store."

Somewhere a chime sounded.

Meeting a Need, Building A Community

Purple is Awesome

Purple is a lifestyle. Finally here's an answer for those who have cried for something to come in purple, to be able to buy "just the purple one" in a set.

By shopping here you give us the buying power and clout to get manufacturers to make items in purple, make things just in purple, and package them so you don't need to buy seven pens you don't want to get the purple one.

The Purple Store is here to meet your purple needs. That takes your input and involvement. Please let us know about any products you're looking for or ones you recommend. Sign up on our Purple Club e-mail list for occasional updates (see below). Link to us from your blog or website. And please, please tell your friends so The Purple Store continues to grow.

Where Is the Store?

The Purple Store is based in Seattle, WA, USA.
We now have a showroom which you can learn about here.