New Purple Products Poll for 2014

Purple Focus Group

Help Us Choose the Next Purple Products at The Purple Store!

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Google+, you know we’ve been asking for your input all year on new products that you want us to carry in The Purple Store.

We’ve crunched all of the numbers and come up with some products we’re definitely going to carry:

We’ve already started trying to find suppliers or manufacturers for purple dresses (casual, cocktail, business, and formal, and especially dresses that you can dress up or dress down) that come in a full range of sizes from petite to plus.

We’re making new Women’s shoes (heels and flats) and Men’s shoes (business/formal) as you read this, and they should be added to The Purple Store sometime in the next couple of months.

We’ll also be adding a few more stuffed animals, a few more styles of sunglasses, more watches, more holiday decorations, and more furniture in the next coming weeks!

However there are a number of products that garnered quite a lot of interest and enthusiasm and we wanted to make sure we got your highest priorities to you sooner! So we’ve created this poll to get your feedback on which products you want most!

We would sincerely appreciate it if you could take a few moments to vote for your two favorite items from the list below. Please only pick two items, as the program will only accept two answers, and may even error out and not count your vote at all if you vote for more than two.

Please Also Note: We tried to show examples of the actual products we want to carry as often as possible, but there are a few in there where we just went for a generic example because we’ll be designing and manufacturing the actual products ourselves in the end.

If there is something missing from this list that you desperately need, feel free to let us know in the comments section!

Thank you SO much for your help, and we look forward to carrying all of the purple things you’re looking for in the future!

New Purple Products for 2014
Which of these product should we add next? Please vote for your first and second choice!

Free Purple 50K Giveaway Happening Now!

Free Purple 50K Giveaway

The Purple Store is about to ship our 50,000th order!  We’re celebrating this amazing milestone by giving away our 50,000th order FREE (details below).

STATUS UPDATE:  Our 50,000th order has been reached!! 

Nina, from Warszawa, Poland, placed the 50,000th order and won! Yay Nina!

Our purple people are amazing and we truly appreciate your loyalty and enthusiasm.  To show our appreciation, whoever places our 50,000th order – be it a pair of pens or a purple chaise lounge – will have the amount of that order (up to $1,000) refunded back to them!

Time to get yourself a nice purple chair? A purple leather briefcase?

From our hearts, thanks to each of you for supporting The Purple Store, telling your friends, and helping us reach this milestone.

Rules for the 50K Giveaway:

  • Placing any order from our website before the 50,001st order automatically enters you in the 50K Giveaway (you don’t need to fill out an entry form).
  • We will ask before revealing the name or other personal details about the winner.
  • The order must be placed through The Purple Store website at www.thepurplestore.com.
  • The total for the 50,000th order, including shipping, will be refunded, up to $1,000 U.S.
  • Winner will be notified by e-mail to the address provided with the order.  The winner must claim the prize by replying by e-mail from that address and accepting the prize within seven days of being notified of winning.


Today’s a great day to buy something purple!


Top Ten Facts on the Prince of Purple

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.15.57 PM

As longtime fans of the talented purple Prince, we’re excited to report that the musician announced a new, full-length album, tentatively titled Plectrum Electrum, AND Purple Rain will be reissued in a deluxe edition just in time for it’s 30th birthday later this summer!

Although Prince hasn’t given a definitive answer, his love of all things purple stretches almost as far as ours – even landing him into some hot water in 2006 over purple additions to an expensive rental house. Over the years, fans have guessed that it’s a favorite because of purple’s association with royalty and/or because of his devotion to the Minnesota Vikings. We think it’s probably a little more simple – purple is just an amazing color.

In honor of the Purple One returning to the spotlight, read on for ten little known facts on the artist (now re-known) as Prince:

      1. Prince loves ping pong and famously played a game with Jimmy Fallon.


      2. As a Jehovah’s Witness, he refuses to sing his own songs that celebrate sex.


      3. Prince played electric guitar on Madonna’s “Like a Prayer.”


      4. He wrote his first song, “Funk Machine” at the age of 7.


      5. Michael Jackson’s “Bad” was supposed to be a duet with Prince, but Prince refused because of the song’s opening line, “Your butt is mine.”


      6. He developed a feminine alter ego, Camille.


      7. He met his wife, Mayte Garcia, via a videotape when she was 16 years old. After a long courtship, they married on Valentine’s Day in 1996.


      8. Prince is a big fan of New Girl and made an appearance in the “Prince” episode.


      9. Prince is his real name—he was named after his father’s jazz band The Prince Rogers Trio.


        10. The symbol, which he infamously used as his name, has it’s own name—“Love Symbol #2”. When the copyright expired in 1997, he announced his return to his given name, Prince.



Did we miss any obscure facts? Favorite Prince stories?

Thanks very much to the following sources – Mental Floss, Entertainment Weekly, Buzzfeed, People and Wikipedia!


Purple Haiku Contest Winner – Purple Haiku Poem

Purple Haiku Mountain

We have a winner for our Purple Haiku Review contest!

A little background:  Because Yelp’s system reportedly hides positive reviews from businesses that don’t pay to advertise with them, all the great Yelp reviews from our customers are hidden. Our only review displaying on Yelp is a haiku that seems favorable, listing things we sell and then, randomly, giving us two stars for no reason.  We’re guessing the guy who wrote it may never even have been to our store or purchased anything from our website (or he figured out that the only way to show a good review is to give it low stars!). So we asked our fans to come up with some great purple haiku poems responding to his review.

And the winner is…

Why only 2 stars?
I give praise to Purple Store!
Hmmmmm….Green fan, perhaps?
-Michelle from Oxnard, California

Other Great Haiku We Received from our Customers!

Directly Responding to the Yelp Review:

Jon from Seattle
what’s up with the random knocks?
the Purple Store rocks
-Eric M

Jon’s words are untrue,
though they form a Haiku.
Don’t let them scare you!
-Sally G

I tried to review
The Five Stars that you deserve
My review hidden
-K. Szakoyni

Jon is just an S
Without a truth to confess
He makes Yelp a mess
-Sally G

Considered worthy
An irrelevant haiku?
Yelp, that’s so not cool
-K. Szakoyni

Purple is awesome!
If you hate purple, then why?
It doesn’t make sense!?!?
-Maureen T

don’t listen to Jon
I think he just hates purple
and that is just wrong
-Eric M

Jon S. you don’t know…
Yelp’s ratings don’t make it so!
Purple people glow!
-Sally G

I know and you know
apparently Jon does not
purple is POWER
-Eric M

Yelp gives us no cause;
For to believe in their clause
We must forego laws.
-Sally G


Someone Was Really Observant:


We had no idea our t-shirttote bag, and sticker “Anything Purple Is Mine…” slogan works as a haiku!  Nice job Morgan for noticing this!


Everything purple
Is mine everything else can
Be dyed or painted.
-Morgan R

Notables About The Purple Store:

These great Haiku could have been Yelp reviews on their own!

The Color Purple
A great book and cow poem
Best website EVER!!!!
-Kate S

I’m in desperate need
because purple is my love
purple store road trip
-Britne C

we’re The Purple Store
yes – everything is purple!
who could ask for more?
-Eric M

LOVE the Purple Store
Quality and fast service
Could not ask for more
-K. Szakonyi

Do you love purple?
Go to the Purple store and
See purple delight
-Mark E

Is it true that a
Natural item to be
Purple christmas tree?
-Mark E

A purple parade
All that you could ever need –
That’s The Purple Store!
-Dannielle V

If you love purple
Visit the store with the most –
You won’t be let down!
-Dannielle V

The plum Purple Store
For violaceous people
With purple passion
-Dannielle V

The Purple Store rocks!
If purple is your color,
Go there. Now. Right now!!!
-Connie B

Haiku About Purple:

This one follows the traditional Haiku pattern of focusing on nature!

Kookaburra Laughs
A sun kissed day awaits me
Purple fills my soul.
-Michelle P

Purple is the best.
Royal, spiritual shade–
who can resist it?
-Lorraine S

how is perfect spelled?
P – U – R – P – L – E? yup!
that works fine for me!
-Eric M

People love purple,
Lavender, lilac and plum –
It’s pure poetry
-Dannielle V

Black, blue, purple white
What is last is really quite
The hot item right?
-Mark E



George Clooney with Purple Hair

Nicole Ritchie has recently joined the rank of a growing list of celebrities who have dyed their hair purple, and we have to say that the results are just gorgeous!
Nicole Ritchie Purple Hair
So far, for the most part, only pop stars have been brave enough to don purple locks, often times to great results. We’ll let you be the judge of who pulls purple hair off better:

Katy Perry arguably started it all, but you can't say it didn't look gorgeous!

Katy Perry arguably started it all, but you can’t say it didn’t look gorgeous!

Lady Gaga looks her most refined with purple locks!

Lady Gaga looks her most refined with purple locks!

Nicki Minaj is her fierce self as always!

Nicki Minaj is her fierce self as always!

Selena Gomez was maybe too shy to go all purple, but we'll give her credit for pulling off as much purple as she could handle

Selena Gomez was maybe too shy to go all purple, but we’ll give her credit for pulling off as much purple as she could handle

Kelly Osbourne has been rocking the purple hair since 2012

Kelly Osbourne has been rocking the purple hair since 2012

We obviously hope this trend continues and thought it might be fun to picture what some of our favorite famous people would look like with purple hair.

First up, George Clooney looks just as distinguished with purple hair:

Still looks dapper as all getup!

Still looks dapper as all getup!

Jennifer Lawrence is possibly even more loveable with purple locks:!

Jennifer Lawrence Purple Hair

So adorable!

Instead of going blue, Betty White prefers to go purple:

Betty White Purple Hair

She might be older than sliced bread, but she’s still young enough to rock purple!

Sean Connery shows us that there are plenty of ways to wear your purple hair:

Searn Connery Purple Hair

How do you say “purple” with a Scottish accent?

Nobody pulls off purple hair like Samuel L. Jackson:

Also rocked the Purple Lightsaber

Also rocked the Purple Lightsaber

Love him or hate him, the most powerful man in the world could do with a little more purple power:

They aren't red states or blue states, but how about purple states?

They aren’t red states or blue states, but how about purple states?

And of course you’ve been rocking purple hair this whole time! Did you know you were a trendsetter?

Is there a famous person with purple hair that we missed? Is there someone you would love to see with purple hair? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook or Google+!