The Purple Store Expansion!

Check out some photos of the newly expanded store! Be sure to check back as we update this with more photos of the big changes we’re making!

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Pre-Order is ENDING for Purple Shoes!

Presale Laceup Flat Black Heel Presale Pre-Order Leather Shoes

Hurry!  Time is running out for our amazing pre-order 20% discount on some beautiful, purple, handcrafted leather purple shoes in three different styles.

We’re making a limited run of these shoes.  Pre-order and we’ll make a pair in your size AND you’ll save 20%!  Place your pre-order now by clicking the pictures above or seeing the top three items on our purple shoes page.

Add the shoes to your cart and check out before the deadline. As soon as the shoes are ready in 7- 9 weeks, we will ship them to you!  The third shoe is likely to be ONLY available by pre-order so please buy them while you can.

This limited-time offer is closing Wednesday night, August 13th at midnight Pacific Time so don’t delay and get your pre-order in now!


We’ve Gone Mobile!  Show your Friends!

purple iphone med
We are excited to announce that we have officially launched ourselves onto your mobile devices! Everything you love about The Purple Store is within reach on your phone or tablet.

It’s now easier than ever for you to visit your favorite purple oasis and show The Purple Store to your friends while you are on the go, right on your phone.  Stuck in traffic on the bus?  Sitting on the subway?  In line at the grocery store?  You can shop purple anywhere your phone connects!

Do you like the new, easy-to-use, purple people friendly interface?  Please let us know if you see things you would like us to update or change. As always, we love hearing your feedback.  Time to shop for something purple!


Buy a Mystery Shirt Before They’re Gone!

Mystery T-Shirt Pic


As you may have already heard via our newsletter, we are having a Mystery T-Shirt Sale and sizes are running out!  For a limited time grab one of our classic slogan t-shirts for only $8.99!

While the deal is simple (classic t-shirt from us to you for only $8.99), we’re adding a little dash of mystery. As a kid, do you remember how exciting it was receiving a mystery package in the mail? The Purple Store is bringing that magic back by surprising you with a hand-selected design just for you!

To get in on this $8.99 deal, click here and select your size. We will surprise you with one of the slogan shirt styles listed below!

Supplies are limited and choices are running out so order one (or a few) now!

 Still (Momentarily) Available

Purple Power
Unapologetically Purple
The Purple store Stacked Logo
Whoever Controls the Purple


New Purple Products Poll for 2014

Purple Focus Group

Help Us Choose the Next Purple Products at The Purple Store!

If you’ve been following us on Facebook or Google+, you know we’ve been asking for your input all year on new products that you want us to carry in The Purple Store.

We’ve crunched all of the numbers and come up with some products we’re definitely going to carry:

We’ve already started trying to find suppliers or manufacturers for purple dresses (casual, cocktail, business, and formal, and especially dresses that you can dress up or dress down) that come in a full range of sizes from petite to plus.

We’re making new Women’s shoes (heels and flats) and Men’s shoes (business/formal) as you read this, and they should be added to The Purple Store sometime in the next couple of months.

We’ll also be adding a few more stuffed animals, a few more styles of sunglasses, more watches, more holiday decorations, and more furniture in the next coming weeks!

However there are a number of products that garnered quite a lot of interest and enthusiasm and we wanted to make sure we got your highest priorities to you sooner! So we’ve created this poll to get your feedback on which products you want most!

We would sincerely appreciate it if you could take a few moments to vote for your two favorite items from the list below. Please only pick two items, as the program will only accept two answers, and may even error out and not count your vote at all if you vote for more than two.

Please Also Note: We tried to show examples of the actual products we want to carry as often as possible, but there are a few in there where we just went for a generic example because we’ll be designing and manufacturing the actual products ourselves in the end.

If there is something missing from this list that you desperately need, feel free to let us know in the comments section!

Thank you SO much for your help, and we look forward to carrying all of the purple things you’re looking for in the future!

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Poll Results:
Which of these product should we add next? Please vote for your first and second choice!