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50 Purple LED Christmas Lights

50 Purple LED Christmas Lights
50 Purple LED Christmas Lights

Price: $24.85
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  • Extremely energy efficient LEDs, saves energy costs by up to 80% vs. regular xmas lights
  • Long-lasting, no bulbs to burn out
  • Good purple hue (not pink, though the current batch is not as dark blue purple as in the past)
  • Professional grade lights
  • Much brighter than regular purple Christmas lights
  • 50 lights for indoor or outdoor use
  • 25 foot green cord, bulbs 6 inches apart
  • End to end plugs to connect multiple strands (rated for up to 40 sets chained together)
  • Other bulbs remain lit if one burns out
  • Cool to the touch
  • 120V, 0.04 Amps! (very low energy usage)
  • UL listed for both indoors and outdoors

  • These are outstanding lights and can be hard to find. LEDs use very little energy and last longer than most people can ever use them.  We've worked hard to find ones that were a decent shade of purple when lit.  50 purple LED Christmas lights on green cord (or use as general purple lights for purple decorating or other holidays/occasions).  Up to forty of these can be chained together, with 25 feet of cord on each, lights spaced 6" apart.  Our previous batch were a blueish purple, while our current batch is a neutral purple shade.

    If you're outside the U.S., please keep in mind that the power is set for 110V US plugs. Please plan on using a quality, transforming power adapter (not just one that switches plug shape) for the lights to work properly. Transforming adapters are available online and at many hardware and home stores.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    We're happy to be able to offer these high-quality LED lights with a good purple hue (though FYI they're not the blue-purple we've had in the past), made by one of the best decorative light manufacturers that supplies Disney and others with their lights.  We figured life is too short to wrestle with mediocre purple Christmas ...  They also give off much more light than regular Christmas lights, which was obvious when we tested them and our shiny purple Christmas ornaments lit up on the shelves from across the room!  These cost a bit more and they are well worth the price in luminosity, quality, ease of maintenance, and energy savings.

    Rated 5.0/5.0 based on 3 customer reviews

    l o v e the purple LED lights! Got them today and started decorating. Incredible!!!
    Reviewed by: Susan   Des Moines, WA

    They are PURPLE!  Not pink masquerading as purple!  I finally have a purple Christmas tree! As described, they are very bright lights.  I received the first two sets and ordered two more for year-round decorating.  Absolutely beautiful!
    Reviewed by: Eve B.   Ottawa, Ontario,  Canada

    I ordered these LED lights at the end of Xmas season 2012. Can't wait to use them this season. They are truly purple.
    Reviewed by: Liketobedifferent   Cincinnati, OH

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