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Satin Diagonal Stripes Purple Tie with Pocket Square

Satin Diagonal Stripes Purple Tie with Pocket Square
Satin Diagonal Stripes Purple Tie with Pocket Square

Price: $22.45
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  • Hand-made purple tie
  • 3 5/8" wide (traditional styling)
  • Includes matching pocket square (handkerchief)
  • Fabric has a satin finish alternating with a darker fabric with a slight sheen
  • Stripes are semi-dark purple with a slight sheen alternating with a semi-light purple with a satin finish
  • Smooth purple microfiber fabric
  • Standard tie length (58")
  • Fully lined
  • Properly tipped to hang straight when worn

  • This classy striped purple tie has alternating fabrics with a slight lustre to them, subtly catching light differently from various angles.  The purple fabric tones are right in the middle between a dark purple tie and a light purple tie.  Made of a soft microfiber fabric, the tie is fully lined.  The tab on the back side, which holds the extra length in place, is made of matching purple fabric.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    We like the slight shimmer to this tie.  It's sharp looking and noticeable but still quite tasteful.  Recommended.

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