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Soft Cuddly Purple Teddy Bear with Heart

Soft Cuddly Purple Teddy Bear with Heart
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Soft Cuddly Purple Teddy Bear with Heart

Price: $14.85

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  • 13" tall Stuffed Purple Teddy Bear
  • Super soft and extra plush
  • Medium purple accented with cream colored belly, gender neutral
  • There is a red plaid heart on his/her chest
  • Has padded cream colored feet, ears and mouth
  • Ages 3 and up, please (plastic eyes could be a choking hazard for infants)
  • ASTM and EN-71 safety tested for lead and other toxics
  • Weighted bottom makes him/her great for sitting on a desk at work or a shelf
  • Very good listener and is happiest when cuddling with you
  • Provides excellent protection against the Boogieman

  • This beautiful, extra-soft, stuffed purple teddy bear is charismatic and a great companion.  His expressive face and wonderful heart detail proves that this bear is full of love 

    Our purple plush bear likes to be involved well beyond his or her size, either actively helping with whatever you're doing or cuddling, as is the more traditional stuffed bear role.  Mr. / Ms. bear asks us to point out his or her extra plush fur and handsome heart detail.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    Even more adorable in person.  Nice, gender neutral, purple bear.  Ever loyal to his purple animal community, this bear asks us to mention his/her best friend, the Plush Stuffed Purple Elephant.

    Item ID #: 15115

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