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Small Circles Pattern Tie

Small Circles Pattern Tie
Small Circles Pattern Tie

Price: $32.45
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  • Hand made dark purple silk tie with small circle detailing
  • 100% silk
  • 3 1/8'' wide, traditional styling
  • Standard tie length (58'')
  • Fully lined and tipped to hang straight when worn

  • Made by hand, this 100% silk tie is a deep, rich purple background with attractive circle patterns.  It's a great business tie that also works well for social occasions.  Traditional length and width, this tie is also fully lined and tipped to hang straight when worn.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    Because this tie has dots forming a nice, diagonal stripe effect, one of our staff dubbed this the " Purple Polka Stripe Tie."   We're not sure that will catch on, but either way it's a classy tie.

    Item ID #: 18159

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