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Purple Jingle Bell Purple Jingle Bell

Purple Jingle Bell

Purple Jingle Bell
Purple Jingle Bell
Purple Jingle Bell Purple Jingle Bell
Purple Jingle Bell

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  • Purple Jingle Bell!
  • 25mm (about the size of an acorn or Hershey's Kiss
  • Semi-polished for half-shiny, half-matte appearance
  • Small loop at the top allows you to
  • Packed in bags of eight (select quantity of total bells you'll want)
  • Rings nicely, especially in groups (sleigh bell sound)

  • These shiny purple bells are great for crafts, projects, Christmas stockings, musical instruments, door chimes, or whatever else you can come up with!

    They're about the size of an acorn (about the diameter of a quarter) and have a small loop at the top to string or attach them.

    They sound fun with a few of them and sound great if you have a large group of them shaken together.

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    Purple Christmas Decorations

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