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7" Purple Ginsu Santoku Knife

7" Purple Ginsu Santoku Knife
7" Purple Ginsu Santoku Knife

Price: $19.85
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  • 7" Stainless Steel Blade
  • Sharp Ginsu Edge
  • Santoku Knife Design (sheepsfoot blade)
  • Good for precision cutting
  • Recommended for chopping, mincing, dicing, and thin slicing
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Triple-rivet handle with full-tang blade
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • What is a Santoku knife?

    It's basically the Japanese equivalent of the European chef's knife, used best with a slightly different cutting stroke (see comments below).  Use this knife anywhere you'd use a medium sized purple chef's knife, slicing meat, preparing stir fry, and more.

    It has a super sharp edge made of high-carbon Japanese stainless steel.  The non-stick coating and ridges and holes combine to keep food from clinging to the blade as you go.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    The word Santoku can basically be translated as " three virtues," which correspond to the knife's ability to handle multiple cutting tasks. We think this knife has a fourth virtue - it's purple!

    Santoku blades use a " Sheep's foot" tip.  This design gives you a more linear cutting edge with less " rocking" travel (compared to the Western Chef's knife).  So you'll find a straight-down cutting motion ?with less back-and-forth rocking ? tends to be more effective with this knife.

    Item ID #: 19016

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