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14 Piece Ginsu Purple Kitchen Knife Set - Purple Block

14 Piece Ginsu Purple Kitchen Knife Set - Purple Block
14 Piece Ginsu Purple Kitchen Knife Set - Purple Block

Price: $67.85
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  • 13 knives plus black storage block (total of 14 pieces)
  • Famous Ginsu serrated edges that slices cleanly without tearing
  • Starter purple kitchen knife set has everything you need
  • Lighter to mid-weight, ergonomic handles
  • Includes a chef's knife, boning knife, paring knife, santoku knife, slicing knife, utility knife, scissors, and six matching steak knives
  • Hand washing recommended
  • Limited lifetime warranty

  • Here's a great set of purple kitchen knives to add color and function to your kitchen!

    The famed Ginsu edges cut well and stay sharp.  The light-weight handles are a dark, central purple shade.

    This set includes a wide selection of knives you might need, including both a chef's knife and larger santoku style knife (sheepsfoot blade) plus smaller knives, scissors (kitchen shears), and a steak knife set.  Though the tip isn't rounded as in classical design, there's a longer, serrated knife you can use as a bread knife.

    The stainless steel blades are set fully through the handle with triple rivets for stability.  The handles are relatively light (don't expect a ton of heft in the handle) while the steel has more cutting weight to it on the chef's knife.

    For your own kitchen or as a gift, you'll love this purple Ginsu knife set!

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    We'd bugged Ginsu for years to make some purple, showing them e-mails many of you sent us asking for purple knives.  We first tested purple GInsu knives a few years ago and, on your behalf, skipped the handles that lost their purpleness and another set that weren't quite up to our quality expectations.  We're working specifically with their production staff on purple knives for you and this set and all the variations of their knives we're selling now are so much better!  Especially considering the price for so many knives, we think you'll really enjoy having them!

    Available with a natural wood knife block as well!

    Item ID #: 19940

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