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Color Changing Purple Bees Tie!

Color Changing Purple Bees Tie!
Color Changing Purple Bees Tie!

Price: $24.95
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  • Color changing purple to black background tie with light purple bees pattern!
  • Tie measures 3.5" (9 cm) at the widest point, by about 60" (1.5 m) long
  • Matching hanky included
  • 100% silky microfiber polyester
  • Consistently available in this style if more are needed
  • Affordably priced!

  • Bees! Purple bees!  Enough said, right?

    The backdrop of this tie is a black fabric with plum stitching over the top, which gives the effect of the tie changing colors as the lighting cast on in changes.  With the awesome of purple bees on top of this extra-cool fabric, this tie is a total hit in our storefront, and an easy pick for anyone looking for a sharp purple accessory.  Especially if they think bees are cool, which they so are.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    This was driving us nuts for a bit.  We thought they were on a black background. Then we thought they were on a purple background.  Then we thought we were maybe just crazy (probably true anyway).  Then we realized it changes!  This tie made our day when we figured it out.  (It's also been a total hit in the storefront.)

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