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The Color Purple Soundtrack

The Color Purple Soundtrack

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    Disc 1
  • Overture
  • Main Title
  • Celie Leaves with Mr.
  • Corrine and Olivia
  • Nettie Teaches Cellie
  • The Separation
  • Celie and Harpo Grow Up/Mr. Dresses to See Shug
  • Careless Love
  • Sophia Leaves Harpo
  • Celie Cooks Shug Breakfast

    1. Disc 2
  • The First Letter
  • Letter Search
  • Nettie's Letters
  • High Life / Proud Theme
  • J.B. King
  • Heaven Belongs to You
  • Katutoka Corrine
  • Celie Shaves Mr. / Scarification Ceremony
  • I'm Here
  • Champagne Train

  • Music by Quincy Jones

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