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Purple Friday 2015

To ensure that you don’t miss out on our awesome 24-hour sale on Purple Friday, we’ve compiled a list, by time zone (with a major city within that time zone) so you’ll know when to shop and get all of the great deals.
If you see any errors or want to make sure your city is included in the list, please check the comments and see if anyone else has been helpful enough to make a recommendation. If you’re the first, please let us know!

The Purple Friday Sale begins at 12 AM, EST on November 27th!

Midway 6 PM 11/26

Honolulu 7 PM 11/26

Anchorage 8 PM 11/26

Seattle 9 PM 11/26

Calgary 10 PM 11/26

Chicago 11 PM 11/26

New York/ Florida/ Chatham Ontario (Can.)  12 AM 11/27

San Juan 1 AM 11/27

Buenos Aires 2 AM 11/27

Rio de Janeiro 3 AM 11/27

Reykjavik 4 AM 11/27

London 5 AM 11/27

Paris 6 AM 11/27

Helsinki 7 AM 11/27

Baghdad 8 AM 11/27

Moscow 9 AM 11/27

Islamabad 10 AM 11/27

New Delhi 10:30 AM 11/27

Bishkek 11 AM 11/27

Bangkok 12 PM 11/27

Perth 1 PM 11/27

Tokyo  2 PM 11/27

Brisbane 3 PM 11/27

Sydney 4 PM 11/27

Wake Island 5 PM 11/27

Auckland 6 PM 11/27


Purple Owl or Purple Penguin

Owl or Penguin?

Owl or Penguin?


Controversy at The Purple Store!

Battle lines have been drawn!

Rhetoric has been hurled!

Things have been said that cannot be unsaid!

Daniel and Tannah believe that this plush animal looks like an owl. Adam and Mark are of the (wrong) opinion that it is a penguin.

Johnny maintains penguin, but he’s also been eating packing peanuts all day. Johnny’s weird; we don’t know.

We leave it up to you, our faithful purple fans, to help us decide what kind of bird this is.

Let us know by answering the poll below, and the winner will officially be named as such at The Purple Store!

Owl or Penguin
Is this an owl or a penguin?

Child-Sized Purple Santa Hats

Adorable Baby Not Included

Adorable Baby Not Included


We’ve occasionally gotten requests for Child-Sized Santa Hats to go long with our regular-sized hats. But since we have to make roughly a billion of them at a time, we wanted to gauge your interest and see if they’re worth making this year, or if we should put them off until next year.

So if you could take a second to answer this one-question poll, we’d really appreciate it!

Santa Hat Poll
If The Purple Store produced CHILD-SIZED purple Santa hats, how many would you actually purchase this season?

Also, if you’re a large group that would be interested in ordering 100 or more, please e-mail us here and let us know so we can make sure we set some aside for you.




Basil the Adorable Puppy Goes Purple

Basil is Adorable and Puppyish

Original music just for this 1 min video (yes, the store’s owner is a composer).  Watch for the cute ending.  Share it if you like it!


What do you think? Adorable puppy?  Fun?