Find the Purple Animals!

Can you find all 5 purple camouflage animals in The Purple Store?

Where are the animals hiding?

How good is our purple camouflage?

If you’re having trouble finding all of them (or want one for yourself!), click the links below to see what they all look like:



What is it? Natural optical effect (purplized for you)

With only common household object(s), we noticed this neat visual effect.

We purplized it for you but that’s the only visual trick here.  The rest was actually visible just like this.

Guess what this is?


What kind purple underwear are you looking for?


We’re looking to order some of these purple men’s underwear from Calvin Klein, and wanted to get a sense of how many of each style we should order.

Please let us know which kinds of purple underwear you want!

What kind of underwear do you want?

Our “Your MOM likes purple!” video is done!!

We shot this video for fun!  It took a BUNCH of work and turned out okay despite tons of challenges.

Via YouTube (below) (+1 it!).

It’s also on FaceBook if you want to “like” it and share it with your FB friends:


We shot this despite:

  • last minute cast availability changes (recasting two actors the night before and day of)
  • changing locations right as we were about to shoot due to highway noise
  • even at second location, pausing every few minutes for sound interference (tons of planes, a neighbor clearing a boat engine, and a neighbor cutting his ENTIRE LAWN SLOWLY WITH A WEED WHACKER).
  • a crew member having his car stuck in a parking garage before we left

Thanks to cast Max Willoughby and Patrick Lintern, crew Josh Henning, Dave Matsui, Daniel Goodwin, and cast family support Tina Willoughby and Zack Lintern.  A special shout-out to gracious last-minute location hosts Doug and Jana who got a knock on their door with us asking if we could shoot a commercial in their yard. “When?” they asked.   And we replied, “Um, kinda now?”

If anyone’s into film or video production (particularly Seattle peeps) and wants to help on another project another time, let us know!

Yea for projects getting done!  Yea for purple Mother’s Day! Thanks for sharing it with friends!


Purple Dr. Martens

Purple Docs

We’re working on getting in some purple Doc Martens right now, but we’d like to have some idea of how many people would be interested in them so we know how many shoes to order!

Prices would be probably be between $105-115 USD for the standard cut shoes and $125 USD, though if we get enough of a response from people saying “YES, GIMME THE SHOES NOW!” we might be able to lower the price a bit.

The pictures above and below show examples of the cuts of the various boots, though the colors might not exactly match right now.






Would you be interested in a pair of purple Doc Martens?