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Welcome to The Purple Store!!

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Purple Lives Here

Our Most Popular Items this Week!

Purple Camouflage Hat (Purple Jungle/Boonie Hat)
Purple Camouflage Hat

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Purple T-Shirt - Real Men Wear Purple
Real Men Wear Purple T-Shirt
Velour Purple Bathrobe for Men or Women
Plush Bathrobe for Men or Women

Gift Certificate for The Purple Store (by E-mail)

Gift Certificate for The Purple Store! (Emailed)

Also available by Mail.

" I Purple You"  Mug
"I Purple You" Mug

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Leather Men's Purple Oxford Shoes with Contrast Soles
Men's Leather Oxford Shoes with Contrast Soles

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Calvin Klein Striped Purple Dress Shirt (see close-up image!)
Calvin Klein Striped Purple Dress Shirt (see close-up image!)

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Purple Dress Shirt, Button Down
Long Sleeve Dress Shirt, Button Down

PURPLE Oval Sticker

PURPLE Oval Sticker

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Purple Scarf with Circles

Vibrant Scarf with Black Circles
"Never Question My Purpleness" Apron
"Never Question My Purpleness" Apron

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Bamboo Rayon Tie Dye Purple Socks
Artisan Bamboo Rayon Tie Dye Socks

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Purple T-Shirt - Purple Power!
Purple Power! T-Shirt

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Shiny Speckled Plush Purple Stingray
Shiny Speckled Plush Stingray

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Purple Tote Bag- Purple Power!
Purple Power! Tote Bag

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Purple Tie with Diamond Checkered Pattern
Diamond Checkered Pattern Tie (see close up)

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Abalone Butterfly Bracelet<br />

Abalone Butterfly Bracelet
"Real Cooks Wear Purple" Purple Apron
"Real Cooks Wear Purple" Purple Apron

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Purple T-Shirt - Fear the Purple
Fear the Purple T-Shirt
Zig Zag Amethyst Earrings
Zig Zag Amethyst Earrings

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Coming to our Seattle store? We're open Fri-Sun + some other days! We now offer a luggage storage service at Seattle's Pike Place Market! Leave your bags for a few hours or the day. Details at our luggage storage in seattle page.

What is purple?

For those who love the color, it's everything. It means passion, individuality, style. Originally accessible only to wealthy nobles, it remains a symbol of distinction.  Shopping for yourself or a friend?  Welcome home.

Why shop here?

Over 1,700 purple items. We find the true color items so you can trust it won't arrive pink or blue.  We famously reject dye lots that don't match.  We build community.  We leverage your voice with manufacturers to make new things in purple for us all.  And, in a perfect world, fun things like this should grow and make more people happy! Thank you!