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Botanica Purple Bathroom Rug

Botanica Purple Bathroom Rug
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Botanica Purple Bathroom Rug
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Price: $23.90

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  • 100% Cotton
  • 34" long x 21" wide
  • Deep, midnight purple shade
  • Subtle, botanical, purple floral design
  • Contains no lead, cadmium, or metal paints
  • Matches our other Botanica purple bathroom accessories

  • Unique bathroom rugs can be hard to find and our Botanica purple bathroom rugs fill that niche.  They're made of a soft, purple cotton with light purple floral pattern woven in.  Step out of your shower and keep your feet warm on this sharp looking bathroom mat!

    Matches our other Botanica purple bathroom accessories!

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    Buy this purple bath rug separately or save by buying one of the Botanica purple bathroom accessories sets. See the Basics Set of Purple Bathroom Accessories, the Medium Set of Purple Bathroom Accessories, and the Deluxe Set of Purple Bathroom Accessories!

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