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Dark Purple Satin Bow Tie

Dark Purple Satin Bow Tie
Dark Purple Satin Bow Tie

Price: $12.00
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  • 5" wide x 2.5" tall
  • Pre-tied dark purple bowtie with easy to use hook closure
  • Neck band expands up to 21.5"
  • 100% silk-feel microfiber polyester
  • Nice, dark purple bow tie, leaning toward a bluer purple on the purple spectrum
  • Consistently available in this shade if more are needed

  • This well-constructed purple bow tie makes a fashion statement.  Need purple bow ties for a purple wedding?  These are perfect for purple groomsmen ties, graduation, or prom.  Or mix things up and wear a purple bowtie to work!

    If you're trying to match colors, this is a dark purple bow tie tilts very slightly toward the blue side of the purple spectrum.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    Great for groups!
    Looking for the same color in a dark purple vest?  Add the Dark Purple Vest/Tie/Hankie Set.

    Item ID #: 15580

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