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Lilac Gradient Glitter Shoelaces 45"

Lilac Gradient Glitter Shoelaces 45"
Lilac Gradient Glitter Shoelaces 45"

Price: $5.95
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  • Lilac-to-white gradient shoelaces interwoven with silver thread
  • 45" shoelaces are great for high tops or short boots with 7 pairs of eyelets
  • Sturdy and long-lasting

  • Fashion, fun and bling all in one! These gradient glitter shoelaces sparkle and shine in the light because of a thread called Lurex. Lurex is a synthetic fiber onto which an aluminum layer has been vaporized to get its metallic appearance. These sparkly lilac purple shoelaces are fancy, yet practical for all types of casual shoes.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    Glitter effect is done using metal, so shoelaces will set off metal detectors.

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