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Regal Purple Bathroom Accessories DELUXE SET

Regal Purple Bathroom Accessories DELUXE SET
Regal Purple Bathroom Accessories DELUXE SET
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Price: $45.60
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  • Save with this purple bathroom accessory set
  • Everything you need to set up your purple bathroom in sophisticated style
  • This full set comes with tumbler, garbage can, toothbrush holder, soap/lotion dispenser, tissue cover, soap dish.
  • Tumbler, soap/lotion pump, toothbrush holder, and soap dish are dark purple ceramic
  • Wastebasket and tissue cover made in U.S.A. of matching dark purple resin
  • Attractive double-flared design matching top and bottom
  • Color tone is fairly dark with a slight plum tone, with silver trim on the waste basket, soap dispenser, and tissue cover

  • Save even more with this complete purple bathroom accessories set!  This deluxe set comes with a dark purple cup/tumbler, garbage can, and purple soap/lotion dispenser, toothbrush holder, and soap dish.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    If you think you'll want at least 3-4 of the items, consider this set!  The Deluxe set saves the most and is worthwhile in most cases.

    Item ID #: 18564

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