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Purple Camouflage Plush Monkey with Bow

Purple Camouflage Plush Monkey with Bow
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Purple Camouflage Plush Monkey with Bow

Price: $15.85

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  • Stuffed purple monkey
  • Plush purple camouflage pattern, soft to the touch
  • Purple sparkle bow and glittery eyes
  • Small/medium sized plush
  • Recommended for ages 3 and up

  • This plush purple monkey causes mischief, is soft to the touch and has an adorable face. She is adorned with a small bow on her head to match the soft camouflage fabric. The eyes are glittery and are sewn so it works for ages three and up. Which of your friends or family would enjoy a purple monkey? It's also a great purple gift for a friend at work to decorate their desk or cubicle!

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    Purple Caminals (AKA Camo Animals!)   •  Purple Camouflage

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