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Dark Purple Self-Tie Bowtie Set with Hankie

Dark Purple Self-Tie Bowtie Set with Hankie
Dark Purple Self-Tie Bowtie Set with Hankie

Price: $15.00
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  • Includes a matching purple hankie
  • Self-tie style with instructions
  • Adjustable neck with measurements clearly marked to easily find the best fit
  • Satin-finish, silk-feel poly fabric for both purple bow tie and pocket square
  • Consistently available in this shade if more are needed
  • Affordably priced!

    Bow ties are in style! This purple bow tie and hankie set is a gorgeous, dark shade of our favorite color. This is perfect from a fun night out to a wedding or even an office event.

    Comments from The Purple Store:
    Don't know how to tie a bow tie?  Time to learn! And you get to do that classy end of the night untied bow tie thing that Josh in The West Wing wanted to do so he could look like Tony Bennett.

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