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Huckleberry Jam & Taffy Gift Set

Huckleberry Jam & Taffy Gift Set
Huckleberry Jam & Taffy Gift Set

Price: $13.95
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  • 3 oz of delicious Huckleberry-flavored taffy made with real huckleberry juice
  • 3 oz of delicious Huckleberry jam made with real huckleberries
  • Made from Berries grown in Washington, Idaho, and Montana
  • Bottled in Eastern Washington

  • This huckleberry jam goes great on your morning toast, or paired with a cheese plate and bottle of wine.

    If you've never had them before, huckleberries have a sweet, ever-so-slightly tangy taste that compliments just about any breakfast food you can imagine.

    You can also stir it into some ice cream or yogurt for a yummy dessert!

    Makes a great stocking stuffer!

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