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Purple 2-Slice Toaster

Purple 2-Slice Toaster
Purple 2-Slice Toaster
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Price: $269.20
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  • Switch-system controls the degree of browning
  • Extra-wide, 28-mm slots accommodate a variety of bread products
  • Award-winning ProHeat elements increase toasting efficiency and element longevity
  • Ejector system keeps toast warm until the ejector lever is pushed up
  • Removable crumb tray; adjustable rear foot

  • Unlike any toaster out there (and there are so few purple toasters anyway), this is an Executive Toaster.

    It works different than most automatic toasters, not trying to guess when your bread is done (and encouraging you to calibrate to bread) but toasting evenly.  It keeps the bread inside the toaster, staying warm, until you use the lever to raise it. : This means no lever/switch combined mechanism to bread (The Purple Store staff have personally lost a few toasters to this, donating another $40 each time to the Toaster Graveyard).

    The ticking sound on the timer reminds you that you've got toast going, simply stopping when it's ready. : Note that, like all toasters, it will toast faster after the first run (once its already warm), so customers suggest toasting about 25% less time on the second set of toast.

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