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Flexible Purple TSA Lock for Luggage

Flexible Purple TSA Lock for Luggage
Flexible Purple TSA Lock for Luggage

Price: $14.95
The Purple Store ships almost anywhere in the world including the US, Australia, Canada, Europe & Other Destinations (below)


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  • Purple combination lock
  • Easy to set your own combination
  • TSA approved
  • TSA symbol front and center alerts the luggage inspector to access without destroying your nice purple lock
  • Flexible wire cable closure for easier attachment

  • This great TSA approved luggage lock will keep your items a notch safer and from spilling out at baggage claim.  Since bags are now routinely inspected even when checked, the TSA approved symbol on it tells them the lock has an access for their key system so they don't have to cut your lock off if they decide to inspect your bag.

    You get to decide the 3-digit combination code and it's an easy three-spinner set so there's no dial pattern to worry about (unlike your high school locker that needed to be turned right, then left, then spun in a circle, all while you're trying to get to class on time).

    Grab one for each bag you routinely travel with!

    Item ID #: 21049

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    The Purple Store Ships almost anywhere! Among others, we ship to the US, Australia, Canada, Europe (all, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom), Brazil, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, South Africa, and South Korea.
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