Purple Snails as Unique as Purple Fan Humans

Just like purple fan humans sometimes do, these clever violet sea snails (Janthina janthina) don’t live like most other snails. They trap air to create a special bubble layer inside so they can float at the surface and feed.

Because they float upside down, the purple snails’ camouflage goes in reverse. They’re lighter at […]

Purple Kobe Bryant Light Tributes

We’re saddened to lose baskbetball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash. But we’re encouraged how the purple lives on by the beautiful tributes around the world.

Here are a few Kobe Bryant purple light tributes, with thanks to the many whose pictures contributed. If you have more to share, please […]

Sky Actually Turns Purple Near Houston

If you ever promised someone a giant favor if the sky ever turned purple, you’re in trouble. It did.

Near Houston yesterday a thunderstorm turned the sky shades of light and dark purple along with pinks. Prince would be proud. And no, The Purple Store is not (yet) able to sell you a purple sky […]