Purple Snails as Unique as Purple Fan Humans

Just like purple fan humans sometimes do, these clever violet sea snails (Janthina janthina) don’t live like most other snails. They trap air to create a special bubble layer inside so they can float at the surface and feed.

Because they float upside down, the purple snails’ camouflage goes in reverse. They’re lighter at their “bottom” and darker at their “top.” Fun snail fact for the day: They start out male and become female later in life (reminds us of Jurassic Park).

They’re found in warmer waters in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans and sometimes wash up on the beach in large groups. Yes, they’re purple mollusks but not the same one used to make purple dye.

Have you come across these violet sea snails? Send us any photos or stories!!

Violet Sea Snails!
purple sea snails, violet sea snails janthina janthina
Purple sea snails are friends.

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