5 Stunning Purple Places Around the World! Dream Purple Travel Spots.

One of our staff is studying film in college and made this fantastic video using just still images. Travel purple! Here are five great purple spots you can dream on visiting (or if they’re close enough that you can get there these days?). Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Jacaranda Trees in Buenos Aires’, […]

What is it? Natural optical effect (purplized for you)

With only common household object(s), we noticed this neat visual effect.

We purplized it for you but that’s the only visual trick here. The rest was actually visible just like this.

Guess what this is?

Our “Your MOM likes purple!” video is done!!

We shot this video for fun! It took a BUNCH of work and turned out okay despite tons of challenges.

Via YouTube (below) (+1 it!).

It’s also on FaceBook if you want to “like” it and share it with your FB friends:


We shot this despite:

last minute cast availability changes (recasting two […]

Basil the Adorable Puppy Goes Purple

Basil is Adorable and Puppyish Original music just for this 1 min video (yes, the store’s owner is a composer). Watch for the cute ending. Share it if you like it!


What do you think? Adorable puppy? Fun?