A Real Purple Island

Purple Island Purple Sidewalk

As you know, The Purple Store started Purpletopia™ as a concept back in 2004. Well, the world’s getting there.

You can now (or when it’s safer post Covid) visit a REAL PURPLE ISLAND. Welcome to Banwol Island, South Korea.

Follow the Purple Brick Road

Home to only 150 residents, this island community […]

5 Stunning Purple Places Around the World! Dream Purple Travel Spots.

One of our staff is studying film in college and made this fantastic video using just still images. Travel purple! Here are five great purple spots you can dream on visiting (or if they’re close enough that you can get there these days?). Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Jacaranda Trees in Buenos Aires’, […]

New Hard-Shell Purple Luggage!

After five, count ’em, five trips in the past two months so far to find new purple things for our favorite customers (that’s you!), we have travel on our minds.

We just got some new hardshell purple luggage pieces in. They’re beautiful and we thought we’d share. Having good quality suitcases makes trips go better. […]