Power Luggage! Hard shell purple luggage in three sizes from The Purple Store

New Hard-Shell Purple Luggage!

After five, count ’em, five trips in the past two months so far to find new purple things for our favorite customers (that’s you!), we have travel on our minds.

We just got some new hardshell purple luggage pieces in.  They’re beautiful and we thought we’d share.  Having good quality suitcases makes trips go better.  Having quality PURPLE suitcases is more fun.

If you or someone you know likes to travel or has some trip planned, here’s our power luggage we’d recommend most.  This costs more to make so the price tag is higher than our other travel pieces that we also like a lot.  If it’s within your budget, though, you’ll love owning them.

So, leave a comment and answer this:  Where do YOU want to travel next?

Hardshell Purple Luggage Set

Travel in style! Our new hardhell purple suitcases and sets have arrived.



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