Seattle – Packing Fill Materials Please!

Where can you recycle packing peanuts in Seattle?   Here please!

We love being green (and purple!) and use recycled packing material whenever we can. It is so wasteful to throw it away!

We (thankfully) have had a ton of orders lately and are running REALLY low on packing fill.  If you happen to be in Seattle or have a friend who is, we would love any extra packing fill that’s being thrown away!

We’re hoping for the following, please:

—  Bubble wrap (our favorite)

—  Packing peanuts (our second favorite)

—  Air pillow packs

—  Clean packing paper or paper grocery bags.

We don’t usually take boxes in unless they’re completely unused and unmarked (and we’re pretty set on boxes now).

If any of our fans or their friends have these materials in Seattle and want to find them a good home, we would love to take them in!

Click for directions to The Purple Store and hours we’re available for dropoff (http://www.thepurplestore.com/showroom.shtml).



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