Apple Solves iPhone 5 Purple Flare Issue

Cupertino, CA –  On the heels of outcry about purple lens flares appearing in pictures with strong light sources, Apple will soon be releasing a solution according to one inside report. 

Purple iPhone Lens Flare Picture

Image thanks: MARTIN BUREAU/AFP/Getty

Apple’s official response suggests users aiming the camera away from bright light sources or shield the camera, which many photographers would also recommend for any camera.  A different kind of consumer reaction, however, has suggested Apple’s response might be all wrong.

Purple? No Problem!

While many media outlets have distorted the story and presented this purple tinting as a drawback or defect, purple fans around the world have been celebrating.  The only complaint?  Not enough of the photo is tinted purple.

According to an unnamed supplier source we might be making up, Apple has corrected this issue and will be releasing a revised iPhone to correct the problem.  The new version, according to the source, will be dubbed the iPhone5p.  While the camera resolution and features will remain the same as the iPhone5, the new camera corrects the issue where the purple tint was limited to areas of strong light source.  The iPhone5p will reportedly address this by tinting the entire photo purple as it should.

The Purple Store, a Seattle-based retailer selling only purple items, is currently in negotiations* to become the sole distributor of the new iPhone5p.


* Where ‘”negotiations” means they’ve looked up Apple’s phone number.




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