Purple Commercial Call For Actors in Seattle – Mom and Youth (11-14) Auditions

Know an Actor Kid in Seattle?
Want to Act in a Purple Video?
Have a Seattle Driveway with Basketball Hoop?

We’re making a Mother’s Day commercial with two boys playing basketball, telling “your mom” jokes. Have a good location? Want to help act or suggest actors?

Due to schedule conflicts we’re looking for….

One Boy
Look— Boy 11-14 years old, white, sandy to darker hair (brother to other actor we have but not obviously related at first glance)

Talent level— At least some acting experience and aptitude would be great. Comfortable delivering lines articulately. Minimal basketball skill.

Demeanor— Outgoing and able to speak up for himself. Can have fun on set and take direction. We’re not a big ego kind of group.

The Mom
Late 30s to early 40s, medium darker hair, white (is these kids’ biological mom), able to drive a car up to a driveway and deliver a few lines well. A bit of acting experience is a plus here.

After school some time this week or daytime this weekend (before 4/31). About two hours for actors on set.

Either we find a closer spot in Seattle or might be Kent.

What to Send for Actors?
• Photos or links to photos / videos, ideally including a headshot (does NOT need to be a pro headshot, etc.)
• Either an acting resume or a quick summary in the e-mail of any acting experience
• Any time constraints within the next week (days that do or don’t work) and what times work after school
• Whether a parent or other adult will be joining (that’s our preference though maybe not needed)
• SEND E-MAIL ASAP to hireme /- AT-/ thepurplestore.com if interested

Compensation for Actors?
This should be fun and gain experience for all, but we’d also like to say thanks. It will be either a modest amount or a gift certificate to the store.


Know A Seattle Spot Like This?

ALSO, Location We’re Seeking
— A somewhat modern, typical American looking home (like the photo)
— Two or three car wide driveway
— Basketball hoop in good shape on the LEFT side as you look at the house (or moveable)
— Within 20 minute drive of Seattle’s Greenlake neighborhood
— Fairly quiet street

Know a good spot or is this your house?


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