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Purple Homes: Painting Your House Purple, Decorating Purple Houses

We love purple houses.  You can go the conventional route and paint your house beige if you must, but life is short; paint your house purple if you want to.  You can make it audacious or surprisingly classy if you choose the right purple shades and accent colors.  Here are some photos of purple houses and purple house decorating ideas.  Please share yours as well!

The Purple-Tiled Mural Room

Purple Tiles and Tiling : Purple in Pittsburgh, PA, USA – Maureen has a purple house. The outside is purple and white. The den is purple and green. The kitchen and living room are purple and peach. The dining room is purple and gray. And the mural room … we went crazy when we saw our May 2006 feature photograph!The Lavender Butterfly Table Sets are from T.J. Maxx.Purple Slate Tiles from Caesar Tile & Marble Co. – the lighter color is from Germany and the darker color is from Spain.Mural of Italy by local Pennsylvania artist, Kathi Ezykowsky of RD#1 Latrobe, PA 15650

Purple in California


Julie G.’s house in Los Angeles, CA.

When giving directions, Julie always wanted to be able to say, “We’re the purple house on your left.”

Thanks to her husband who finally agreed!

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