Snowpocalypse 2019

Seattle recently had the biggest snowstorm it’s seen in 70 years, with a whopping 20 inches in one week. That might not seem like much to our purple fans from snowier parts of the world, but our entire city is nothing but steep hills!

We did our best to stay open and keep helping our purple fans find the purple of their dreams, while still balancing the safety of our employees. We managed to get most of the orders out the door without any delay, and had some out-of-towners stroll in to shop, bewildered as to why we were making such a big deal.

We got some great photos and video of the store enjoying weather it is DEFINITELY not used to experiencing. We think it is really quite lovely with a little snow around it.

*ahem* With a LITTLE, eh Mother Nature?

One of our staff couldn’t make it in because the bus wasn’t running, so instead he grabbed a photo of all of his own personal purple kitchen items and put them in the offending snow.

The morning after the first snow

The morning after the first snow

A few hours later…

Here’s some videos shot around the store so you can see how the lovely Pike Place Market is when it’s snowing.

Here’s a lovely little tour in front of the store:

And here’s a time-lapse of our brave little sandwich board outside. As you can see (through no fault of its own!) it stopped being great at its job by the end of the day:


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