This 5"x3" indoor/outdoor purple bumper-sticker-quality sticker is UV coated to last wherever you put it. It's free with any $15 purchase at The Purple Store! Purpletopia

Free Purple Sticker

Help us make the world just a little bit more purple!

While supplies last, when you order $15 dollars or more in purple items from The Purple Store, you can choose a FREE “Turning The World Purple” sticker as a gift.  This 5″ wide by 3″ tall sticker is indoor/outdoor vinyl, UV coated, and ready for you to stick somewhere fun.

Free Purple Sticker

Free Purple Sticker!

The point of the stickers is to gather photos from our customers around the world and then share the photos with each other. When your sticker arrives, stick it somewhere that you think could use a little more purple!  Then, with your phone’s camera (or gasp, a camera that isn’t part of a phone?), snap a picture.  Post the picture right here in the post’s comments section, e-mail it to us, or send it to us on Facebook so we can share the photos with other purple fans.

To get your free sticker on its way now, add any items totaling $15 or more and click the free gift checkbox on the shopping cart page before you check out!

We look forward to seeing what you choose to do with your sticker!


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