It’s The Purple Store’s 9th Anniversary and we are celebrating YOU!

Nine years! As of this week, The Purple Store has now been open for nine years! Nine years! Okay, so maybe we’re a little excited, but c’mon! Nine years!

We owe absolutely all of it to you. We aren’t just saying that either. Below we’ve compiled a list of nine reasons (nine years!) why you are the greatest customers ever.

Nine Great Things About You!

1. You’re Engaged

This might seem obvious because you’re reading this right now, but you guys are completely engaged with us. You send us pictures of your beautiful purple weddings, your purple hair, your purple cars, pets, makeup, parties, artwork, and even a sparkly purple house!

You follow us on Facebook, retweet our tweets, read our newsletter, comment on our blog, and e-mail us every day. Sometimes just to say, “Hi!” And we’ve got numbers to back it up. You share, like, and comment on our posts and share on our wall WAY more often than the average for most businesses, and we’ve so grateful that you stay involved! Our “engagement” metrics on Facebook is 16% compared to the average of 3-4% for a company our size. Nice job.

2. You Support Us

Many of you have been with us since the early years. You’ve stuck by us over the years as we’ve grown and supported us while we’ve tried new things. Our repeat customer rate is higher than average for any business. When we opened our retail location in Seattle, many of our loyal customers stopped by to meet us and some of you have traveled from New York, Canada, and even Australia and New Zealand. We’ve finally matched faces to some of the names we’ve been seeing for years on orders heading out around the world!

3. You’re Community-Minded

It’s one thing to be engaged with us, but you’re also involved with each other. You talk to each other on our website and you chat on our blog, Facebook, G+, and Twitter. You congratulate each other during your joyous occasions, you comfort each other in times of sorrow, and you all know how to have fun together.

You help each other out. You give each other party and wedding ideas. Your offer tips on everything from how to wear purple, to recipe suggestions. You often answer each other’s questions before we have a chance to respond! In our Seattle location, many of you have met and become fast friends. We’ve even had one customer give someone she’d just met a ride across town!

4. You’re Good-Natured

We tell people when they start working at The Purple Store that we have the nicest, friendliest customers in the world. Within a few weeks, they always tell us they know exactly what we mean.

You are the sweetest, friendliest, most patient people ever. You’re always pleasant to talk to, whether it be via phone or e-mail. Even people who have been working at The Purple Store for years struggle to come up with a story about someone who was rude or impatient with them while they’ve been working here.

5. You Have a Great Sense of Humor

You’re witty. You send us funny things. You add great comments to our blog and posts. You send funny suggestions.

Also, many of you think we’re hilarious, which we LOVE.

6. You’re Unambivalent

You know the purple products you want, and you know exactly which purple you want them to come in. You aren’t afraid to tell us what you’re looking for, and to help us ensure we carry only the highest quality purple items in deep, rich purple shades.

You’re also passionate about the rest of your lives. No matter how you come by your love of purple, whether it be through your favorite sports team or musician, or any number of other things, you’re all equally devoted to the hobbies and people that you love. We’re so happy we can be a small part of that enthusiasm!

7. You’re Creative

You have probably already seen some of the pictures, but we are constantly staggered by all of the brilliant and creative ways you use purple to express yourselves. The way you dress and accessorize is inspired, but you also use purple to decorate your homes, your offices, your cars, and everywhere else you inhabit. You incorporate your passion for purple into your crafts, your art, and your major life events. We’re so grateful we get to supply the ingredients to your purple masterpieces!

8. You’re Unique

You’re unafraid to be yourselves. You know who you are, you know what you love, and you’re never afraid to let your purple flag fly!

9. You Love Purple!

So, thank you! Thank You! THANK YOU for a great nine years!

You are the greatest customers in the world, and we look forward to providing for your purple passion for years to come!

-The Purple Store Staff


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