Have a Purple Thanksgiving!



A great Thanksgiving feast can be both creative and colorful, while maintaining family traditions and recipes.  Add some color to your Thanksgiving this year with kitchen items from The Purple Store.  Whether you’re a die hard purple lover or just want to add some color to your dining table, our wide selection of kitchenware can provide you with great functionality and style.


To keep your guests happy and well-behaved while waiting for you to put the finishing touches on the meal, it’s advisable to surprise them with some appetizers.  While it may be traditional to opt for a veggie and cheese platter as the appetizer, serving fried pumpkin or squash slices instead will give your guests a pleasant and crispy surprise. By using our Purple Le Creuset Frying Pan, you can create delectable bites of fried pumpkin or squash.
Fried Pumpkin Blossoms


Thanksgiving is the one time of year when it is appropriate, and expected, to serve sugar coated sweet potatoes, so ensuring the success of this recipe is a must.  Baking your classic candied sweet potato recipe in the Purple Le Creuset Stoneware Dish provides not only a great baking dish, but one from which you can serve directly. Although it’s a simple recipe, there are several ways of sprucing it up if you feel like this special dish deserves some extra texture and flavor.  Mixing in cornflakes can provide a nice crunch to the dish, as well as other vegetables that are compatible with sweet potatoes such as carrots and pumpkin.
Cornflake Sweet Potato Casserole



Although there may be disagreement among your guests about whether they want their stuffing/dressing served inside the turkey or on the side, there will be no disagreement about the savoriness of cornbread stuffing.  Offering dressing using the Purple Le Creuset Serving Bowl brightens up your table with a splash of color.
Cornbread Dressing



An essential component to enjoying the long-awaited turkey feast is serving a thick, flavorful gravy. The Plum Fiesta Gravy Boat is a cheery and stylish way to serve this prized Thanksgiving recipe.  After following a basic gravy recipe – flour, pan drippings, and broth – try a few simple additions to enhance it to perfection. Add spices such as thyme and sage to give it an extra boost of flavor. Also try mixing in garlic or mushrooms to provide texture, and pour in a splash of wine or liquor to give even more flavor to the recipe.
Turkey Gravy



Speaking of wine, offering a Thanksgiving-infused adult beverage to the gathering is a great way to complement the meal. Mulled wine is a surprisingly easy recipe that can be served with or after the meal, as a warm and comforting way to wrap up the feast.  There is a wide array of mulled wine recipes, but the foundation consists of mixing red wine, sugar, and water over low heat until warm.  To put on the finishing touches, stir in a combination of spices; the most popular are nutmeg, cinnamon, and cloves.  The freshly mulled wine can be sipped and savored in the Purple Le Crueset Mugs until the very last drop!
Mulled Spiced Wine





Nothing goes better with purple than more purple, so why not serve a purple dessert? Rhubarb and blueberry crisp is both visually pleasing and delicious, which means you might not have the patience to wait, no matter how full you, before serving this dessert. Cook and serve this fun desert in our Plum Fiesta Pie Pan, alongside vanilla ice cream or fresh whipping cream. Rhubarb and Blueberry Crisp


Once dessert has been polished off, now commences the undesirable task of putting the remaining food away.  However, you can make this task easy and hassle-free by using our Purple Microwaveable Storage Containers. These vibrant containers are freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe, and come in different sizes, so you can enjoy leftovers long after Thanksgiving is over!


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