Purple Kobe Bryant Light Tributes

We’re saddened to lose baskbetball legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash.  But we’re encouraged how the purple lives on by the beautiful tributes around the world.

Here are a few Kobe Bryant purple light tributes, with thanks to the many whose pictures contributed. If you have more to share, please send them to us!

Kobe Bryant in Purple - with our thanks

Kobe Bryant Left A Legend

Toronto's CN Tower Purple and Gold for Kobe Bryant

Toronto’s CN Tower



Cleveland Terminal Tower Purple for Kobe Bryant Tribute

Cleveland’s Terminal Tower

Chicago Sears Willis Tower Purple and Gold for Kobe Bryant Tribute

Chicago’s Sears (uh, we mean Willis?) Tower

Santa Monica Wheel Purple and Gold for Kobe Bryant

Santa Monica Wheel

Portland Convention Center Purple and Gold for Kobe Bryant

Portland Convention Center

Phillipine Shopping Mall Purple for Kobe Bryant Tribute

Phillipine Shopping Mall

LA City Hall Purple and Gold for Kobe Bryant

LA City Hall

Hard Rock in Florida Purple and Gold for Kobe

Hard Rock in Florida

Fort Worth, TX

Fort Worth, TX

BAPS Hindu temple, Chino Hills Purple and Gold for Kobe Bryant

BAPS Hindu temple, Chino Hills

Empire State Building Purple and Gold for Kobe Bryant

Empire State Building

Denver Nuggets Purple and Gold for Kobe Bryant

Denver Nuggets Stadium

We notice here the power of what we create, the space that was designed with lights that could be changed to honor, welcome, and celebrate.  And the creation of visual icons represents places, cities, gathering points, and a range of emotions we bring to them.  

From an idea to an architect’s sketch to the huge effort by people to build these spaces, human ingenuity can be beautiful.  A purple thanks to those who helped celebrate Kobe’s life and continue to do so.


Snowpocalypse 2019

Seattle recently had the biggest snowstorm it’s seen in 70 years, with a whopping 20 inches in one week. That might not seem like much to our purple fans from snowier parts of the world, but our entire city is nothing but steep hills!

We did our best to stay open and keep helping our purple fans find the purple of their dreams, while still balancing the safety of our employees. We managed to get most of the orders out the door without any delay, and had some out-of-towners stroll in to shop, bewildered as to why we were making such a big deal.

We got some great photos and video of the store enjoying weather it is DEFINITELY not used to experiencing. We think it is really quite lovely with a little snow around it.

*ahem* With a LITTLE, eh Mother Nature?

One of our staff couldn’t make it in because the bus wasn’t running, so instead he grabbed a photo of all of his own personal purple kitchen items and put them in the offending snow.

The morning after the first snow

The morning after the first snow

A few hours later…

Here’s some videos shot around the store so you can see how the lovely Pike Place Market is when it’s snowing.

Here’s a lovely little tour in front of the store:

And here’s a time-lapse of our brave little sandwich board outside. As you can see (through no fault of its own!) it stopped being great at its job by the end of the day:


Finally, Purple Coffee Maker Perfection at The Purple Store!

Sometimes in life, you have to just wait and be patient.

You asked us for a great purple coffee maker. We searched, waited, and searched some more. Finally we found one we’re proud to recommend and sell to you! It’s not cheap, but it’s worth owning.

Meet the Grape Moccamaster.

Purple Moccamaster Coffee Maker at The Purple Store

If it’s possible to fall in love with your coffee maker, then prepare to fall hard with this beautiful purple machine. Coffee experts consider the Moccamaster to be the top of the line in drip coffee makers and we wholeheartedly agree! It’s not just the color of this grape beauty that hooked us; the coffee is the best we have ever tasted. We realize that’s big talk for Seattle folk (we heard there’s a famous coffee brand or two or five based here). If you love full, smooth flavor like we do, you’re going to be surprised at just how incredible every pot tastes!

We tested it. A lot. It was hard work drinking coffee. Work, work, work. As with all our products at The Purple Store, we wanted to make sure the Grape Moccamaster was something you’d love and that the price tag was worth it. Every day for two months we “forced” ourselves to drink delicious coffee, daring it to come out bad even once. It didn’t. 


Pro Tips from Team Purple

  • It’s even better if you use fresh beans ground just before brewing.

  • This machine makes even crappy quality coffee taste good! 


Most coffee machines overcook the beans. Few get hot enough or push water through fast enough, leaving you with burnt coffee. The innovative element heats the water to an optimal brewing range (198-205°F). In each of our taste tests, this purple coffeemaker blew the competition out of the water! And it takes just six minutes to brew.


Sure, it’s a lot to spend even a purple coffee maker. But like the purple KitchenAid mixer, it’s something you’ll use, something you’ll love, and something that lasts. Did we mention it has a full five-year warranty? That convinced us.


Hand-built in the Netherlands, this purple coffee maker has a sleek retro design that will look great — and purple — in your home or office.

Free US Shipping on the Grape Moccamaster for a limited time only!  

 Thanks for making the world more colorful with us! 

CW-The Purple Store 









The Purple Store needs Net Neutrality to Keep Going Strong

Most of our dear purple fans probably have already heard a lot about Net Neutrality and have heard arguments about it from every side. We wanted to take a moment to talk about how the repeal of Net Neutrality would affect The Purple Store, and our ability to keep engaging with all of our purple fans.

Just to make sure everyone is at the same place, I’m going to briefly summarize Net Neutrality and what the repeal would mean in general.

Net Neutrality is the notion (and current law) that all internet traffic must be treated the same by service providers. With Net Neutrality in place, internet service providers (ISPs) must provide access to every website with the same speed, can’t block access to websites unless they’re violating the law in some way, and not charge different users for different access to content on the internet.

Repealing Net Neutrality would allow ISPs the ability to do things like blocking specific websites, either entirely or behind a paywall, artificially slow how fast a site loads, or charge users extra in order to access areas of the internet.

Imagine trying to shop at The Purple Store and having to watch a 30-second advertisement first before it would even load. Or imagine having to pay extra on top of what you already pay, to visit The Purple Store, just like you have to pay extra to get sports or entertainment channels on television. Or imagine not being able to access The Purple Store at all, just because. This of course applies to every other activity you might have everywhere else on the internet as well.

Now that we’re all caught up, let’s discuss a little bit how it might affect The Purple Store, specifically, and you, our purple fans.

Currently, we rely on the neutral internet to ensure that you, our customers, can reach us. The more barriers between you finding and shopping with us, the less orders and therefore less money we make. So either we have to hope that our purple fans are willing to pay extra in order for you to get to our site, or we end up having to pay ISPs extra money in order to make sure you can get to us.

Either way means that everything in the store either has to become more expensive or we just have less money to add the purple goodies our customers have been asking us for. Gigantic companies can absorb the additional costs, especially because small businesses like The Purple Store won’t be able to compete and will probably start to close.

So if you like The Purple Store (and most of the other online retailers, blogs, social media sites, and everything else the internet is used for) then Net Neutrality needs to be preserved.

So what can you do about it? SO MUCH!

The FCC is voting tomorrow on whether or not they’re going to repeal Net Neutrality, and there are already bipartisan efforts from congress to stop it.

The best thing to do is to call your Representatives in the US and let them know that you think Net Neutrality should be preserved. We have purple fans all over the country, and your Representatives will listen. This can be easily done from here: https://www.battleforthenet.com/

They have a step-by-step guide on who to call to talk to about it from your state, and instructions on how to navigate Congresses’ system in order to make sure you are heard.

We have purple fans all over the country, and it would be wonderful if our purple fans banded together to keep the internet an open place where we can continue to hang out together and talk about purple stuff.


Purple Friday 2017

To ensure that you don’t miss out on our awesome 24-hour sale on Purple Friday, we’ve compiled a list, by time zone (with a major city within that time zone) so you’ll know when to shop and get all of the great deals.
If you see any errors or want to make sure your city is included in the list, please check the comments and see if anyone else has been helpful enough to make a recommendation. If you’re the first, please let us know!

The Purple Friday Sale begins at 12 AM, EST on November 24th!

Midway 6 PM 11/23

Honolulu 7 PM 11/23

Anchorage 8 PM 11/23

Seattle 9 PM 11/23

Calgary 10 PM 11/23

Chicago 11 PM 11/23

New York/ Florida/ Chatham Ontario (Can.) 12 AM 11/24

San Juan 1 AM 11/24

Buenos Aires 2 AM 11/24

Rio de Janeiro 3 AM 11/24

Reykjavik 4 AM 11/24

London 5 AM 11/24

Paris 6 AM 11/24

Helsinki 7 AM 11/24

Baghdad 8 AM 11/24

Moscow 9 AM 11/24

Islamabad 10 AM 11/24

New Delhi 10:30 AM 11/24

Bishkek 11 AM 11/24

Bangkok 12 PM 11/24

Perth 1 PM 11/24

Tokyo 2 PM 11/24

Brisbane 3 PM 11/24

Sydney 4 PM 11/24

Wake Island 5 PM 11/24

Auckland 6 PM 11/24